Thrive in the latter chapters of your career

Get support and inspiration with our pioneering membership community, where you’ll find the accountability, creativity, and camaraderie you need to thrive.

Do you see the last part of your career filled with energy and focus to do more?  But sometimes feel alone in figuring out how to harness that potential ?

If you’re nodding yes, then you may be the perfect candidate for the Mission-On! Late Career Alliance, or MOLCA. (Note ‘late career’ is a description of life-phase, it’s not about job hunting.)

MOLCA offers a supportive community of peers in a similar life stage, accountability groups where you’ll meet regularly to stay on track and innovate together, and community workshops and micro courses to inspire and support your journey. 

Think of it as a mastermind group for your late career!

You’re here for a reason

Uncover your late career potential with novelty, community, purpose, and exploration. Get clear on your goals and surround yourself with people actively working toward their goals— you’re more likely to stick with yours too. Join the Beta to find the accountability, creativity, and camaraderie you need to thrive.

Don’t set yourself a start date in the future, start now! Create your account, then answer a few questions about your availability. This will help us connect you with your accountability team more quickly. (The Beta is focussed on US and UK time zones for now, but with your flexibility it could still work for you from a different time zone.)

During the Beta this spring and early summer, there’s no monthly fee in exchange for your input on making the community the best it can be.

Need a bit more information? Read on to learn more.

Or are you interested but not ready to join? Sign up here (you can leave at any time) and  we’ll keep you in the loop on resources (articles, micro-courses and tools) that help you navigate your late career for meaning and impact:


How MO!LCA works

Imagine logging on to the call with your MOLCA team. The meeting format is set, so you know what to expect. The team’s eager to hear how you did in the past couple of weeks. Since you hit a snag, you want their advice and insights. In fact, you never realised that interacting with people from different professions and locations would help you uncover such great ideas. 

Your MOLCA peer group are relatable because they’re in the same life stage and like you, they’re interested in:

  • Crafting career stories. However your career unfolded, what’s the most positive narrative you can make out of it for yourself? What will complete that story for you?
  • Creating impact or legacy. We’re arriving in late career in the context of the world’s poly-crisis (or as a colleague says ‘omni-shambles’) which gives some of us a sense of urgency about contributing more. Or perhaps we’re seeing our old career through a new lens that makes us want to pivot what we’re doing. Maybe we have influence built up that we want to deploy in new ways.
  • Innovating. How do we explore our late career potential with innovation? What does growth and development look like in late career? How do we continue surprising and challenging ourselves?

In between meetings, MOCLA’s ‘micro courses’ and workshops give you inspiration and tools for your mission. They help you see the future opening up, full of possibilities.

Why MO!LCA works

MOLCA teams bring motivation, because they’ll be asking how you’re doing on the steps for your mission, and they’re counting on you to do the same for them. They bring a sense of community, since everyone on the team is Working On A Thing. They bring improvement—for example in helping you set better goals, refine your approach or update your problem solving skills.

Research shows that our actions ‘rub off’ on others. So if you surround yourself with people actively working toward their goals, you’re more likely to stick with yours too. Being in a team also means you’re more likely to push yourself harder than you otherwise would (thanks to the Köhler motivation gain effect).

All this will help you to engage outside of MOLCA meetings — take action, and move out of your comfort zone. You’ll be prototyping your way forward, sometimes failing quickly so you can stop working on the wrong problems. You’ll be reframing problems, instead of saying ‘that won’t work’ you’ll be asking ‘how could that work for me?’

Finally MOLCA works because you’re investing in yourself. There’s a modest membership fee to bolster commitment, filter out tire-kickers and cover the cost of assembling and running the alliance: finding team mates, providing the frameworks, connecting you online, and bolstering the process with regular micro-courses and workshops.

The ‘mission’ for MOLCA is to connect fellow travellers in late career and help them grow.

It’s impossible to predict the future, but once you take action, you change the future that’s possible.

What’s included in the membership:

  • Initial ‘joining’ process that helps you articulate your mission or goal (a starting one, it may evolve) and understand the meeting structure so you know what to expect
  • Invitation to join with peers in the same life stage via a group that meets every few weeks to support and keep each other accountable in their missions.
  • Structured meeting format that means you can relax and know that you’ll both get and give meaningful input in each meeting.
  • Monthly supplemental micro-courses and workshops, these are recorded for you to access later if need be.
  • Online platform for chatting with peers in between meetings and events
  • A weekly, short ‘bulletin boost’ by email
  • Possibility (but not guarantee) of meeting in person with people who are near you geographically

But it’s not for everyone

It’s probably not for you if:

– You mainly just need to find a job
– You’re not really ready to take action, try stuff, or explore your mindset
– You’re uncomfortable with a structured, online meeting 
– You can’t afford a modest fee
– You don’t have access to hardware and software necessary to join internet-based meetings and platforms
– You haven’t hit your 50s yet
– You’re retired

It’s for you…

It IS for you if you’re looking for community and inspiration in navigating the last leg of your career journey.  Join the Beta to find the accountability, creativity, and camaraderie you need to thrive.


During the Beta this spring and early summer (currently focussed on US and UK time zones), there’s no monthly fee, in exchange for your input on making the community the best it can be.

There’s a reason you’re here right now. You want the positive feeling of progress in your late career and you know that a community will help you take action.

Need time to reflect on it? Sign up here (you can leave at any time) and in a few days’ time we’ll remind you (once) to join and we’ll keep you in the loop on resources and micro-courses to help you navigate your late career:


I’m Ann Thorpe, facilitator, partnership manager, design thinker and convenor of MOLCA. At 59, I’m a climber. Literally, that’s me at the climbing gym.

I’ve been talking to late career people like you and me, and a lot of them are casting about for the way forward. It’s dawning on us that expectations, experiences, and capabilities of late career are not what they used to be. Whether you’re 58 or 64, you probably feel more like you’re 40. And there’s more you want to do.

For me, the Mission-On! Late Career Alliance emerges from several places:

    • A sense that there are lots of people interested in this late career phase but who don’t have a place to find and connect with peers
    • Worry about a world facing climate change, polarization, and pandemics

Our generation is facing uncharted territory in late career, with work and social trends changing more than any time in the recent past. It means more opportunity for us, but also more uncertainty. I’m convinced there’s huge scope for innovation and reinvention of this late career period, both personally and professionally. I hope you’ll join me in this adventure!